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Your swimming pool was no small investment. It is a testament to your years of hard work, a reward for your patience and perseverance, and above all, a space for creating lasting memories with your loved ones. So why do you settle for pool tools that fall short? That don't do the job? That always fail at the worst possible moment?

At PoolHQ we're making a push to hold pool cleaning tool companies more responsible for the quality and service they offer. Fortunately, though, there are a few companies already pushing the industry forward, and we're going to highlight them here, so you know who they are.

The Real Cost of Cheap Pool Tools

When we opt for buying cheaply made pool tools at a "bargain" price, we might think we're saving money. But here's the reality: many of these tools break easily, rust quickly, and fail to do their jobs efficiently. This not only means repeated purchases but also excessive and unnecessary time and effort spent on pool maintenance. Over time, the costs – both monetary and otherwise – pile up.

Seek Quality and Service, Even if it Costs More

It's easy to get lured by flashy ads or discount deals from many pool tool brands and chain stores. But what should matter most to a discerning pool owner is the value you get over the long term. Brands that prioritize quality, robust warranties, and exceptional service show they value their customers as much as their customers value their pools.

As a pool owners, when we come across brands that offer more robust products, better features and/or strong warranties (that their reviews suggest they actually stand behind), we should do everything we can to support such companies. They are unique in the industry, and, if we want to push other pool tool manufacturers and chain stores to start treating us as better, then we've got to send the message that we're no longer going to settle for less

Durability, Efficiency & Warranty: The "Trifecta" of Quality Pool Tools

There's no denying the satisfaction of owning tools that last and that perform their intended job effectively. But what price-tag do you place on those benefits? How do you calculate the value of knowing your pool pole won't let you down while cleaning for your granddaughter's birthday pool party this weekend? And, what if you knew that, when your pool pole, pool brush or net finally DOES "give up the ghost", getting a free warranty replacement won't require giving up your first born? Just how valuable is that to you?

Efficient swimming pool cleaning shouldn't be a luxury; it should be the norm. Brands that recognize this ensure their tools not only last but make the cleaning process faster and more thorough.

Time saved on cleaning is time gained with family.

You can't get that time back. Don't throw it away on inferior pool maintenance kits, just because you think you can't find better ... you can. 

There are good quality pool tools out there, but they cost: 

Skimlite is a great USA brand that produces quality products, but a warranty is not advertised. There is a link on their website to their warranty, but it appears to be broken, and a google search doesn't reveal any warranty information.

Pricing is on the high side at about 3 - 4X more than other cheaply made tools, but you should get better life from most of their products. Many pool pros use them with success and recommend them to their customers. They offer a number of different pool pole locking mechanism styles, which is great.

Also, since they sell, primarily, to the pool pro market, it can be a bit more difficult to get your hands on them as a residential user. Looks like a distributor is offering their poles on Amazon, and there are a few other websites that have their products available in single units.

ProTuff Products is unique in that they clearly outline a very bold, unlimited free replacement, lifetime warranty to residential users of all of their pool maintenance tools (telescoping pool poles, pool rakes, pool nets, flat pool skimmers, a pool brush and stainless steel pool pole fence hangers). Amazon reviews suggest the warranty claims process is super simple and, in most cases, entirely automated. No proof or explanation or shipping fee required to get a free replacement part or unit.  

If you're a commercial user, you get lifetime free parts and 50% off full unit replacements. Still, no shipping costs and no jumping through hoops trying to prove you deserve a replacement. 

Their patented, dual button push, Lock Right pool pole locking mechanism is quite useful and efficient. Virtually all users seem to love this feature.

Again, pricing is high. Expect to pay 3 - 5X as much as other cheapo pool tools. But, you should get at least 3X or more life from your initial purchase AND you get lifetime free replacements, with no shipping charge. So, it's hard not to see this as an overall savings.

Primate is also a good pool pole brand (they don't appear to offer any other tools, as best we can tell). They offer a good quality carbon fiber pole, so it's very lightweight, but it's even pricier than the ProTuff and Skimlite options, and only offers a limited, one year warranty, according to their website. It looks like their only pole locking mechanism style is a "friction-type" lever lock mechanism, which is likely because their pole is carbon fiber, so a friction lock is the only viable option.

We're not going to link directly to anyone here, but, a simple Google or Amazon search for the brand name (ie. "Skimlite", "ProTuff Products" or "Primate") along with the phrase describing the tool you might be interested in (ie. "Skimlite pool net", "ProTuff Products pool pole" etc.), should quickly result in the various purchasing options available to you.

Think Long Term, Enjoy Lifelong Benefits

Most pool owners truly value hard work, family and quality. Your hard work gave you the means to afford a pool and your desire for quality family time gave you the desire for it.  Invest in pool tool companies that mirror those values and send a signal to the rest of the industry that you're no longer going to put up with cheap crap that doesn't last.

When a brand prioritizes quality and service over quick sales, when it treats its customers with respect, they deserve your business and support. With your help, they can move the industry in a positive direction, which will benefit all pool owners. As a bonus, you get to benefit now, from better quality products and better service.

Ultimately, you get a better return on your investment, which is what any rational, reasonable, responsible person should be looking for.

In the end, the few extra dollars spent today can save countless hours, repeated replacements, and the sheer frustration of dealing with subpar tools. For those who view their pools as more than just water-filled holes, but as cherished spaces for family bonding, investing in quality pool tools isn't just wise—it's essential.

More importantly, it doesn't just benefit you, it benefits ALL pool owners. The more of us that refuse to buy crappy products and accept poor service, the more we pressure the industry to take notice and do better for all pool owners.